How to require a Password on resuming from Screen Saver in Windows 7

Description: This is a how-to article on the topic of setting a Windows 7 machine to require a password upon resuming from screen saver mode. Note that a password must already be in place in order to require a password. If you need help creating a password, see our how-to article on that topic.

  1. Right-click on an open area of the desktop and choose Personalize
    Windows 7 Desktop Properties, Personalize
  2. Select Screen Saver in the bottom right.
    Windows 7 Personalization, Screen Saver
  3. Ensure a screen saver is turned on by selecting one from the Screen Saver drop-down menu.
    Windows 7 Screen Saver Settings
  4. Check the On Resume, Display Logon Screen.
    Windows 7 Screen Saver, On Resume Settings
  5. Click Apply to make the changes and then test it out by leaving the computer alone for the allotted period of time.
    Windows 7 Screen Saver Apply Settings