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How to adjust Java Update Settings in Windows 7

Description: Java is a necessary component to any computer that accesses the internet, and it needs to update every once in a while. This article will detail how to change how Java updates.

  1. Click the Start Button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    Windows 7 Start Button
  2. Click Control Panel.
    Windows 7 Start Menu, Control Panel
  3. If the Control Panel view is set to Category, click Category then select Large Icons.
    Windows 7 Control Panel View Settings
    Windows 7 Control Panel View Settings, Large Icons
  4. Click Java or Java (32-bit). If for some reason these options are missing, Java may not yet be installed on the computer. It can be downloaded for free here.
    Windows 7 Control Panel, Java
  5. Click the Update tab at the top of the Java Control Panel.
    Windows 7 Java Control, Update Tab
  6. The Notify Me: section allows for the selection of when Java will notify the user. Click the dropdown menu. To set Java to notify the user that a downloadable update is available, click Before downloading. To allow Java to automatically download the newest updates, then notify the user before installing the update, click Before installing.
    • Note: For minimal hassle, choose the Before installing option.
      Windows 7 Java Control, Update Tab Settings
  7. To set Java to automatically check for updates, click the checkbox next to Check for Updates Automatically.
    Windows 7 Java Control, Update Tab Settings
  8. To select when Java should check for updates, click Advanced.
    Windows 7 Java Control, Update Tab Settings
  9. Under the Frequency heading, select either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Then select a time and depending on the frequency selected, a day of the week or date. Once finished, click OK.
    • Note: For minimal hassle, select the Monthly option.
      Windows 7 Java Control, Update Tab Settings
  10. To manually check for Java updates, click Update Now.
    Windows 7 Java Control, Update Tab Settings
  11. If a User Account Control message appears and asks if you want the program to make changes to the computer, click Yes.
  12. If Java finds an update, a "Java Update Available" message will appear. Click Install.
    Java Update
  13. Click Install on the next message that appears.
    Java Update Install
  14. When finished, click OK on the Java Control Panel to close the program and complete the process.
    Windows 7 Java Control, Update Tab Settings, OK to Save