EXTRAS: iPad Frequently Asked Questions

Description: Frequently asked questions about iPads.

Q. How to connect to a wireless network.

A. Verify the home screen is displayed by touching the physical Home button on the bottom of the device. Once on the home screen, touch the Settings icon to open up settings. Along the left column, touch Wi-Fi to open up the wireless settings. This will display a list of available networks in range. Touch the name of the network to connect to it. If the network is password protected, enter the password using the on-screen keyboard. Once entered, a checkmark will appear next to the network name signaling that the iPad successfully connected.

Q. How to download an application from the App Store.

A. Verify the home screen is displayed by touching the physical Home button on the bottom of the device. Once on the home screen, touch the App Store icon. If this is the first time using the App Store, a prompt will appear to enter the Apple ID, or, to create a new account. Once successfully signed in, browse the App Store for the desired App. Once the app is located, touch on the Price to begin the download (if the application is free, it will list Free instead of the price). An icon will then appear on the home screen with a loading bar. Once completed, touch the applications icon to open it.

Q. How to close an application.

A. Touching the Home button will return to the home screen, but the application is still running in the background. To fully close an application, double tap the Home button. This will display a grid of applications along the bottom of the screen. Touch and hold on one of the applications until the list begins to shake. A red minus button will appear in the top left corner of each icon. To close, simply touch this minus icon and the icon will disappear. Repeat this as necessary to close any unused applications.

Q. How to uninstall an application.

A. Touch and hold any icon on the home screen until the list begins to shake. The applications available to be uninstalled will have an x button in the top left corner of the icon. Touch this icon to uninstall the app. Touch delete and the application will be uninstalled.

Q. Help! The iPad is frozen!

A. If the device becomes unresponsive to touch or gestures, doing a hard reset will resolve the issue. Simultaneously hold the Wake/Sleep button along the top of the device with the Home button along the bottom of the device. Hold these for about twenty seconds until the device shuts off. Once it is powered down, leave it off for a minute or two. Power the device back on by holding in the Wake/Sleep button until the Apple logo appears. It will then power back up.

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