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EXTRAS: Installing a Windows Program

This document is a general walk-through on the basic installation of a program in Windows. As an example, Mozilla Firefox (a web browser) will be installed. No two installations are exactly alike and each user’s installation experience may differ, but use this document as a reference when installing programs in Windows.
  1. Find the installer (or run the CD or other media (USB drive, DVD, etc) on your computer.

    Installer icon

    If this program is downloaded from the internet or other source, please make a note on where the installer is saved. For this demonstration, the installer is located on the desktop.
  2. Run the installer. A security warning may present depending on the security settings of the computer. Select Run to begin the installation.

    Run installer

  3. The first screen of an installer is typically the welcome screen which describes the program being installed and may or may not have settings that the user can change per their liking. Verify any settings and select Next (or Continue, Advance, OK, etc.)

    Setup wizard

  4. The next screen may contain a license agreement or installation type as seen below. Agree to the license terms to continue and then verify any settings before clicking Next.

    Setup wizard

  5. Unless there are more advanced settings that require input from the user, the next screen will likely be the installation directory. By default, this will be the Program Files folder of the System Hard Drive. If another installation directory is preferred, change the default installation directory and select Install.

    Setup wizard

  6. A progress bar or other graphical monitor will notify the user of the program’s progress during installation, or a message stating “Please wait…” The last screen will be the finish screen. Verify any settings, click Finish (or Done, or OK, etc).

    Finish installation