Micro Center Small / Medium Business
Idea Empowerment
Today's business environment requires both stability and flexibility, protection of existing assets and the empowerment of new ideas and growth opportunities.
Micro Center is the ideal partner to help you reach your business goals.
Microsoft Windows Server Essentials. Learn more.
  • Protect your business.

    Secure and Protect current systems
    Expand server options for backup and cloud storage

  • Upgrade your old PC.

    Benefit from upgraded security protocols and software
    Decrease costs - constant upkeep of older systems adversely affects your bottom line

  • Mobilize your business.

    Transact with mobile customers on phones and tablets
    Expand information reach with wireless printing, projectors
    Utilize cloud flexibility and storage options

  • Replace your old PC.

    Benefit from better performance
    Increase productivity and capabilities
    Project an up-to-date, tech-saavy image

  • Created by our Tech Support Associates, these videos may have the answers you need.
  • Windows 8: How to flush DNS cache and reset TCPIP settings
  • How to Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1
  • Search customization options in Windows 8.1
  • 5 reasons to shop Micro Center
    • 1. Great Prices
    • 2. Tech Support and the Knowledge Bar for solution-driven advice
    • 3. Service Department with certified technicians
    • 4. In-store availability of thousands of tech products
    • 5. Knowledgeable associates to help you find what you need

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