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How to set up Web Exclusions in ESET Version 9

Description: This article will show how to add various websites to the list of excluded addresses, so they will no longer be checked by ESET version 9.

  1. Locate the ESET icon typically found in the lower right corner of the desktop screen - it may be found in the hidden icons here.
    Windows System Tray Hidden Programs Icon
  2. Select the ESET icon to open the program.
    Windows System Tray Hidden Programs Icon, ESET Program Icon
  3. Choose Setup on the left side of the ESET window.
    ESET Home Screen, Setup
  4. Choose Advanced setup in the bottom right corner of the window.
    ESET Setup, Advanced Setup
  5. Choose WEB AND EMAIL on the left side.
    ESET Advanced Setup, Web and Email
  6. Choose Web access protection on the left side.
    ESET Web and Email, Web Access Protection
  7. Locate URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT, and Choose Edit next to Address list.
    ESET Advanced Setup, Address Management Edit
  8. Locate List of addresses excluded from checking, and then choose Edit in the bottom left corner.
    ESET Address Management, Exclusions List
  9. Choose Add in the bottom left corner.
    ESET Address Management, Add
  10. Enter the address of a website you would like to exclude - you may use an asterisk (*) at any point in the address to indicate a partial match. Then select OK.
    ESET Address Management, Example
    ESET Address Management, Example
  11. Continue adding more addresses, or choose OK to finish.
    ESET Address Management, Example
  12. Continue selecting OK to close the Address List window.
    ESET Address Management, OK
  13. Choose OK to close the Advanced Setup window.
    ESET Advanced Setup, OK
  14. Choose Yes on the User Account Control box.