How to report a Phishing Site with ESET Version 9

Description: This article will show how to report a phishing site to ESET for observation in ESET Version 9.

  1. Locate the ESET icon typically found in the lower right corner of the desktop screen - it may be found in the hidden icons here.
    Windows Hidden Programs Icon
  2. Select the ESET icon to open the program.
    Windows Hidden Programs, ESET Program Icon
  3. ESET’s home screen will open. Press the F5 key on the keyboard to enter advanced setup.
    ESET Home Screen
  4. Select Web and Email from the left, then select Anti-Phishing protection.
    ESET Advanced Setup, Web and Email, Anti-Phishing
  5. Under Basic, select Report next to Report a phishing site.
    Anti-Phishing Basic Settings
  6. A web page will open to a form to fill out to report the site to ESET directly.
    Anti-Phishing Reporting Form