How to set a Prompt for Any Updates to ESET Version 9

Description: This article will show how to .

  1. Locate the ESET icon typically found in the lower right corner of the desktop screen - it may be found in the hidden icons here.
    Windows System Tray Hidden Programs Icon
  2. Select the ESET icon to open the program.
    Windows System Tray Hidden Programs Icon, ESET Program Icon
  3. ESET’s home screen will open. Press the F5 key on the keyboard to enter advanced setup.
    ESET Home Screen
  4. Select Update from the options on the left.
    ESET Advanced Setup, Update
  5. Choose Update Mode to expand its options.
    ESET Update Mode
  6. There will be an option for Ask before downloading update, by default it will be turned off. Select the box to turn it on.
    ESET Update Mode, Toggle Setting
  7. Select OK to save changes.
    Save Changes, OK