How to mark a Device Missing in ESET Smart Security Version 9 Anti-Theft

Description: This article will show how to mark a device as missing that has been set up with ESET Anti-Theft from another computer.

  1. Navigate to the ESET Anti-Theft website at
  2. Select Sign in from the ESET Anti-Theft home page.
    ESET Anti-Theft Sign In
  3. Enter the email address and password to log in to the ESET Anti-Theft account.
    ESET Anti-Theft Sign In Screen
  4. Select the missing device from the list of Devices protected by ESET Anti-Theft, and choose View details under the specific device.
    ESET Anti-Theft Protected Devices
  5. On the Status menu, select My device is missing under where it will say In the case of theft click this button.
    Protected Devices Status
  6. A confirmation window will appear stating You are about to mark this device as missing. Choose Mark as missing to confirm.
    ESET Anti-Theft Confirmation, Missing