How to run a Virus Scan in Safe Mode with ESET Version 9

Description: This article will show how to run a virus scan in safe mode with ESET Version 9.

  1. Start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking.
  2. Choose the Windows Icon in the bottom left corner of the screen and select All Apps.
    Windows 10 Start Menu, All Apps
  3. Locate the ESET folder under All Apps and Right Click on ESET, then click Open file location.
    Windows 10 Start Menu, All Apps, ESET
  4. Right Click on ESET, and click Open file location again.
    ESET File Location
  5. Double Click the ECLS application file and let it scan the system. NOTE: ECLS is the ESET Command Line Scanner Program.
    File Explorer, ECLS file
  6. A Black Box will appear on the screen displaying various text while the scan is running - this is the Windows Command Line Screen and is normal.
    Command Prompt Window
  7. After the scan completes Restart the computer.