How to activate ESET Version 9 with a Username and Password

Description: This article will show how to activate ESET Version 9 when you have a username and password.

  1. Choose the ESET icon at the lower right corner of the screen. The arrow to show hidden icons may need to be opened first to show the icon.
    Windows System Tray, ESET Icon
  2. Select Help and Support located on the left side of the window.
    ESET Program, Help and Support
  3. Select Change License at the bottom right hand corner.
    ESET Help and Support, Change License
  4. Choose I have a Username and Password, what do I do?.
    ESET Product Activation, Username and Password
  5. Enter the UserName and Password in the corresponding boxes and choose Convert.
    ESET Username and Password, Conversion to License Key
  6. The License Key will be displayed.
    ESET Product Activation, License Key
  7. Copy the License Key to your clipboard and go back to the Product Activation Screen.
    ESET Product Activation, License Key, Activate
  8. Paste or Enter the License Key in the box below I have a license already. Once entered, select Activate.
    ESET Product Activation, License Key, Activate
  9. The License Key will be verified and an Activation was Successful message is displayed. Select the Done button.
    ESET License Key Verification, Done
  10. ESET is now successfully activated.
    ESET Program, Activaion Success
  11. Note: A license key may have been referred to as an activation key or a serial number in previous versions of ESET.