How to perform a Custom Virus Scan with ESET Version 9

Description: This article will show how to perform a custom virus scan with various settings using ESET Version 9.

  1. The ESET icon is typically found on the taskbar in hidden icons. To show these icons, click on the arrow / triangle at the bottom right of the screen.
    Windows System Tray Hidden Programs Icon
  2. Once the window expands, choose the ESET icon to open the program.
    Windows System Tray Hidden Programs Icon, ESET Program Icon
  3. Once the program is open, it will load to the home screen. Choose Computer Scan on the left side.
    ESET Home Screen, Computer Scan
  4. Four types of scans can be chosen here. Select Custom Scan.
    ESET Computer Scan, Custom Settings
  5. The custom scan will allow for certain drives to be selected, along with systems on the network. Additional options for scan without cleaning and ignore exclusions are available as well. Once options are selected, then clicking Scan or Scan as Administrator buttons are now able to be clicked and begin the process.
    ESET Custom Scan Settings
    ESET Custom Scan Settings
  6. The custom scan window will close and a scan progress will now show.
    ESET Custom Scan Progress