VIDEO: How to renew Existing ESET with a New Packaged Copy

In this video Paul demonstrates how to renew your existing, installed, ESET by using the activation key from another boxed or retail copy.

Often people will purchase multiple copies of ESET at the same time as a new computer, and then just activate them one year at a time when the previous one expires. Or maybe your current ESET is about to expire, and you just picked up another copy in the store for the purpose of renewing. In these situations, it is not necessary to uninstall your current ESET and install the new disk. As long as you have kept your ESET up to date recently, you can simply activate your renewal using the activation key from the new package without uninstalling or installing anything else.

IMPORTANT!: Please do not activate early! Your new activation period begins immediately when you activate the key. If you have days remaining on your previous activation and you activate the new key, you will effectively lose the days that were remaining on the previous activation.