How to roll back the Accelerometer Driver on a WinBook Tablet

Description: This article will show how to roll back a Windows Update Accelerometer Driver when it is inadvertently applied to a WinBook Tablet. This Accelerometer Driver Update is an optional Windows Update component that has been found to cause an issue with the Accelerometer on some Windows Tablets, for example, by causing the screen rotation to display incorrectly. This article shows you how to roll back the driver to a previous one if necessary and also how to hide this optional update so that it does not reoccur in the future.

To roll back the driver:

  1. From the Desktop, press and hold the Start Button at the lower left corner of the screen for 2 seconds and then release. A menu will appear with additional options. Tap Device Manager.
    Windows 8 Quick Start Menu, Device Manager
  2. Double tap Sensors to expand the category.
    Device Manager, Sensors
  3. Double tap the BMA2x2 device.
    Sensore, BMA2x2 Device
  4. Tap the Driver tab, and then tap Roll Back Driver.
    BMA2x2 Driver Settings, Roll Back
  5. Tap Yes to confirm the roll back.
    Yes to Confirm
  6. Once the driver is rolled back, tap Yes to restart the tablet.
    Yes to Restart
  7. Once restarted, the screen rotation will be fixed and working properly.

To hide the update to prevent future installation.

  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen to open the Charms. Tap Settings.
    Windows 8 Charms, Settings
  2. Tap Control Panel.
    Windows 8 Settings, Control Panel
  3. Tap Windows Update (If you do not see Windows Update, tap System and Security first).
    Windows 8 Control Panel, Windows Update
  4. Tap optional updates are available.
    Windows Update, Optional Updates
  5. Press and hold on the Bosch Corporation – Location Sensor – BMA2x2 Accelerometer for 2 seconds, then release. A menu will appear.
    Selectd Update to Hide
  6. Tap Hide update.
    Hide Update
  7. Close the Windows Update screen. The update will no longer appear as available.