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How to download and install ESET Mobile Security

Description: This article will show you how to download, install, and activate ESET Mobile Security. There are different sections to this article. The first section is specific to having purchased your ESET Mobile Security from Micro Center, and applies only to those purchases. There is another section that addresses a version purchased from the Google Play Store. It is important that you follow the instructions that correspond to the actual version that you purchased because although the end results are the same, the steps to go through the process are slightly different, and will only work correctly with the version that your purchased.

To Download, Install, and Activate ESET Mobile Security using an Activation Key purchased from Micro Center:

IMPORTANT: If you did not purchase your Activation Key from Micro Center, skip to these instructions for other versions.

  1. Open the browser on your device and go to
    browser, chrome
  2. A prompt will appear at the bottom to download ESET. Press the OK button.
  3. Press the Open button.
    file download
  4. A list of download files will be displayed. The most recent one at the top is the ESET download. Tap on it.
    download history
  5. There may be a screen stating Install blocked. If so, click settings. If not proceed to step 7.
    install blocked
  6. Slide the Unknown Sources option to On just for this installation.
    lock screen and security
  7. Tap Next at the bottom.
    ESET mobile security install
  8. Tap Install at the bottom.
    ESET mobile security install
  9. Select your country and tap Accept.
    ESET install, country select
  10. Tap Next to proceed. We advise leaving this box checked.
    ESET install live grid
  11. Tap the middle box and choose Enable Detection then tap Next.
    ESET install, potentially unwanted applications
  12. Enter your Serial Number in the Activation Key field then tap Activate.
    ESET activation, enter key
  13. Final screen will indicate that activation was successful. Tap Finish.
    ESET activation successful, finish

To Download, Install, and Activate ESET Mobile Security purchased from the Google Play Store:

IMPORTANT: If you purchased your Activation Key from Micro Center Go Back Here for instructions.

To Download and Install ESET Mobile Security (Part One):

If you have already downloaded and installed the app from the Google Play Store you can skip to Part Two: Activation

  1. Open the Play Store application.
    Play Store Icon
  2. Tap the magnifying glass at the top of the screen, type ESET in the search box, and then tap Mobile Security & Antivirus.
    Play Store Search Icon Search Play Store
  3. Tap Install, and then tap Accept to begin download and installing the application.
    Install ESET Mobile Accept Terms ESET Mobile
  4. Once installed, open the Mobile Security Application.
    ESET Mobile Icon
  5. You will be taken through a series of screens for setting up ESET Mobile Security - tap Accept, followed by Next.
    ESET Mobile Setup Screen 1 ESET Mobile Setup Screen 2
  6. Tap the Select One box, tap Enable detection, and then tap Next.
    ESET Mobile Setup Screen 3 ESET Mobile Setup, Enable Detection ESET Mobile Setup Screen 4
  7. Since you will be activating you activation key, tap No, thanks and then tap Finish to complete the setup portion.
    ESET Mobile Setup Screen 5 ESET Mobile Setup Finished

To Activate ESET Mobile Security (Part Two):

  1. Tap the menu icon at the top right hand corner of the application. This will be represented by three vertical dots.
    ESET Mobile Security, Three Dots Menu
  2. Tap License.
    ESET Mobile Security, License
  3. Tap Activate Application Using your Activation Key.
    ESET Mobile Security, Activate
  4. Enter your activation key into the box and then tap Activate. Note that your email address will be automatically filled in with the Google account you used to install the application.
    ESET Mobile Security, Activation Key Entry
  5. Tap Finish. Your ESET Mobile Security license has been successfully activated.
    ESET Mobile Security, Finish Activation

Return to Part One of the instructions for ESET Mobile Security purchased from the Google Play Store.

Return to the instructions for ESET Mobile Security purchased from Micro Center.