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How to check the Threat Encyclopedia in ESET Version 8

Description: Have you ever wondered about a particular threat that ESET is blocking or has cleaned from your computer? ESET has a handy tool called the Threat Encyclopedia which gives a more detailed description about threats and what they are. To view the Threat Encyclopedia just follow the steps in this article.

  1. Open the ESET software by clicking the ESET icon in the lower right corner of your desktop screen (this may include checking in your hidden icons here).
    Windows System Tray ESET Icon
  2. Click on Open ESET.
    ESET Icon Program Options Menu
  3. This brings you to the ESET Version 8 Homepage.
    ESET Home Screen
  4. On the left side, click on Help and support.
    ESET Home Screen, Help and Support
  5. In the Help and support section click on Threat encyclopedia.
    ESET Help and Support, Threat Encyclopedia
  6. This will open up the ESET Threat Encyclopedia on the ESET website, giving you a more detailed explanation of current threats. Any of the threats that are showing in blue are hyper-linked and can be clicked on to give a much more detailed explanation as to what is known about that particular threat.
    ESET Threat Encyclopedia