How to start a Smart Scan Virus Scan with ESET Version 8

Description: This article will show you the procedure for running a Smart Scan Virus Scan with your ESET Version 8 program. 

  1. Open the ESET software by clicking the ESET icon in the lower right corner of your desktop screen (this may include checking in your hidden icons here).
    Windows System Tray ESET Icon
  2. Click on Open ESET.
    ESET Icon Program Options
  3. On the left side choose the Computer Scan tab.
    ESET Home Screen, Computer Scan
  4. On the right side of the Computer Scan window choose Smart Scan.
    ESET Computer Scan, Smart Scan
  5. Your computer will immediately begin to scan using Smart Scan criteria. Smart Scan is an advanced scanning technique provided by ESET as a way to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.