How to start Training in ESET Version 8

Description: This guide will show you how to start the training that is built into the ESET Version 8 programs. This guide applies to both ESET NOD32 Antivirus Version 8 and ESET Smart Security Version 8.

  1. Locate the ESET icon in your system tray.
    Windows System Tray ESET Icon
  2. Right click on the ESET icon and select Open ESET.
    ESET Icon Program Options
  3. Click on Training.
    ESET Program Menu, Training
  4. Select Start.
    ESET Training
  5. You can now begin to go through the ESET training. There are three options to include:
    • test your knowledge
    • save netropolis
    • go directly to videos
    ESET Cybersecurity Education
  6. Choosing test your knowledge will take you to a quiz about net safety.
    ESET Test your Knowledge
  7. Choosing save netropolis will take you to several different examples of how to stay safe from attacks such as phishing, cell phone data risks, and cyberbullying.
    ESET Save Netropolis
  8. Choosing go directly to videos takes you to many different videos about protecting your data, password security, and many other security topics.
    ESET Training Videos