How to roll back Virus Signature Database Updates in ESET Version 7

The information in this article refers to a previous version of ESET. It is recommended that you run the most current version of ESET. Please see our tech article How to update your ESET Program to the Latest Version for assistance with updating your program. The information in the article below is provided as a convenience to those who may still have questions about the older version of the program.

Description: This guide applies to both ESET NOD32 Antivirus Version 7 and ESET Smart Security Version 7. This article shows how to rollback virus signature database updates in ESET NOD32 Antivirus. This may be needed if you suspect a new update is unstable or corrupt and is causing problems with the functioning of ESET.

  1. Open ESET by clicking on the ESET icon in the taskbar next to the time and then click Open ESET.
    ESET taskbar icon opens program
  2. Press the F5 key on the keyboard to open the Advanced options window.
  3. Expand the section labeled Update by clicking on the plus sign to the left, click on Update rollback, and then Roll back.
    ESET advanced setup menu, update section, roll back button
  4. Choose how long to suspend updates after the rollback by selecting a time period from the drop down menu and then click OK. Updates will be suspended for the specified period of time or until manually allowed.
    Choice box, OK button
  5. To allow updates again before the specified time period chosen in the previous step ends, click on Allow updates.
    ESET advanced setup menu, update section, allow updates button