What's New in iOS 7

Description: This guide will show you the new features of iOS 7. iOS7 was released in September of 2013, and has since been updated by newer versions.

  1. iOS 7 now includes a new feature called Control Center where you can quickly access several settings. To access Control Center, Swipe from the bottom of your iOS device to the top. This will open the Control Center from here you can play/pause music, adjust the volume, turn on/off Bluetooth, access a flashlight (iPhone), turn on/off different modes like Do Not Disturb mode as well as access commonly used apps.
    iOS 7 Home Screen
  2. iOS 7 also introduces an all new Notifications Center. To access the Notification Center strong>swipe from the top down on your iOS device. From here you can see recent calls, messages, and events. The new notifications area also allows you to sort them by today, all, and missed.
    iOS 7 Notifications
  3. There are also now app previews making multi-tasking even easier. To view open apps tap the home button twice. From here you can see all of the apps you currently have open as well as close them and switch to other apps.
    iOS 7 Multi Tasking
  4. The App Store has also been updated. You can now view some of the most popular apps as well as a brand new Kids Apps section. Apps downloaded from the updated app store will now automatically update.
    iOS 7 App Store