How to fix Windows Updates for Windows 8

Description: This guide will show you the steps necessary to troubleshoot and resolve errors when Windows 8 is failing to install an update from Windows Update.

First try the Microsoft Fix-It: Windows Update Troubleshooter KB 2714434

If that doesn't solve the issue try the following:

  1. Right click on the task bar and go to Task Manager.
    Windows 8 Taskbar Properties
  2. Click on More Details at the bottom left and then click on the Services tab on the right.
    Windows 8 Task Manager, More Details
    Windows 8 Task Manager, Details, Services
  3. Scroll down to wuauserv or Windows Update.
    Windows 8 Task Manager Services, wuauserv
  4. Right-click and go to Stop.
    Windows 8 Task Manager Services, wuauserv, Stop
  5. Now open up Computer by clicking Start and Computer.
    Windows 8 Start Menu
  6. Navigate to C:\Windows by double clicking on Local Disc C:\ and then Windows.
  7. Scroll down until you see the folder SoftwareDistribution.
    Windows Explorer
  8. Rename the folder to something else: IE: SoftwareDistribution-OLD.
  9. Now restart your computer and try Windows Update again.

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