How to fix Google Chrome that will not launch in Desktop Mode

Description: Here is a more advanced tutorial that will fix your Google Chrome that will not launch in Desktop Mode. It is very important that you do not make any other changes to your registry besides what is outlined below.

  1. Hold the Windows Key on your keyboard and tap the letter X, then open Run.
  2. In Run type Regedit and click Ok.
  3. In Regedit open HKey_CURRENT_USER.
  4. Then navigate to \Software\Google\Chrome\Metro.
  5. Left click on the Metro folder to highlight it in blue. On the right hand side, double click on Launchmode and change the value in the box from 0 to 1. If your value is already 1, then change it back to zero and click Ok.

Congratulations, the next time you try to open Chrome, it will open on your Windows 8 desktop and not in Windows 8 mode.

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