How to turn on Narrator in Windows 8

Description: This article will show how to have Narrator start with Windows.

  1. Press the Windows Key and the letter X on the keyboard to open the quick access menu.
  2. Select Control Panel from the quick access menu.
    Windows 8 Quick Access Menu, Control Panel
  3. In the Control Panel, select Ease of Access.
    Ease of Access
  4. After selecting Ease of Access, select Ease of Access Center.
    Ease of Access
  5. Under Explore all settings, select Use the computer without a display.
    Explore All Settings, Use Computer Witout Display
  6. Put a check in the box for Turn on Narrator and click OK to save the changes.
    Check Box, Turn Narrator On
  7. Narrator will now read any text on the screen and output it through the speakers.