How to download HP Printer Drivers on a Windows 8 computer

Description: This guide shows how to find drivers online for an HP printer using Windows 8.

  1. Navigate to HP's Product Support page:
  2. In the search box under "Find my product and get support" type in the name and model number of the printer. Click Next - An OfficeJet 8600 n-911g will be used as an example.

  3. If the model isn't exact, search options will appear. Click the appropriate model.

  4. Click Drivers on the next page.

  5. Select Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) if it is not already. If the Operating system is 32-bit or RT select the appropriate choice by clicking the dropdown box. Click Next.

  6. Click the Plus sign next to Driver-Product Installation Software.

  7. Click Download for the option that you want to use for your printer.

  8. If using Internet Explorer and a high speed connection, click Run at the bottom of the screen shown in the picture below. If you are using a slower connection or if you want to save the file for future use, choose the Save option to download the file first and then run it later. Chrome and Firefox both save the file automatically in the downloads folder.

  9. Once the download has finished, the installer will automatically pop up if you chose Run - if you chose Save, you will need to click to start the installer. Read and follow the prompts on the screen to install the software and setup the printer. Some options are customizable using the Customize Software Selections button - these choices are generally up to the preferences of the end user.

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