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Where can drivers for Windows 8 be found

Description: This article will detail how to obtain drivers for Windows 8.

  1. Because most devices ship with discs that were made before the release of Windows 8, it is typically necessary to download the latest driver from the manufacturer's website. The easiest way to do this is to go to your favorite search engine and type in the manufacturer's name and the model of the device along with the word driver. For example, for an HP Officejet 6800 Printer, the search term would be HP Officejet 6800 driver. This will usually turn up a page on the manufacturer's website where the driver can be downloaded.
  2. When selecting the appropriate driver, it is necessary to first select the Operating System on most manufacturers' sites. Most Windows 8 computers will be running a 64-bit version, but it is recommended to check this. This can be done by holding the Windows key on the keyboard while tapping the X key once. A menu will appear in the lower left. Click on System, then make a note whether it says 32-bit or 64-bit.
  3. Once the driver has been downloaded, simply run the file and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the process is complete, the device should be usable.