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How to set up a Hotspot on an Android Jelly Bean 4.2 Tablet

Description: This tutorial will walk you through the process of How to turn on a hotspot and how to change/find the hotspot name and password.

  1. From the home screen touch the All Apps key.
    Android All Apps
  2. Touch Settings.
    Android Settings
  3. Touch More on the left pane.
    Android Settings, More
  4. Touch Tethering & portable hotspot.
    Android More Settings, Tethering and Hotspot
  5. Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to turn on the hotspot.
    Androind Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings
  6. Touch Set up Wi-Fi hotspot to see/change the network name and password.
    Android Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot
  7. A hotspot set up window will appear.
    Android Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot
  8. The network SSID is the network name of the hotspot. Touch the name, AndroidAP in the example picture below, under Network SSID to change the name.
    Hotspot SSID
  9. The Security is what type of security the network has and change it by touching the type of security, WPA2 PSK in the example picture below. Open means there will be no password on the hotspot.
    Hotspot Security
  10. Change the password by touching the characters highlighted in the picture below. Delete the characters present, then type the preferred password.
    Hotspot Password
  11. To see what the password is touch the Show Password checkbox at the bottom.
    Hotspot Password
  12. When the preferred settings have been chosen, touch Save.
    Hotspot Settings, Save Changes
  13. Now other devices can connect to the Tablet's hotspot.