How to install Java in Google Chrome

Description: This guide will show you how to install Java for Google Chrome.

  1. In your Google Chrome browser go to Oracle's Java download page.
  2. Click the Free Java Download button.
    Free Java Download Button
  3. Read and understand any terms and conditions, then click Agree and Start Free Download.
    Agree and Start Free Download Button
  4. A bar will show up along the bottom of the page, indicating the file download.
    Java download box
  5. Click on the Chromeinstall.exe box at the bottom to start the install.
    Chromeinstall executible
  6. The Java set up welcome wizard will open. Consider any applicable customization, if desired, and then click install.
    Java Setup Welcome Wizard
  7. On the next prompt you may be offered to install additional third-party software. It is recommended to uncheck this option, as it is not required, unless you prefer the additional software. Click Next to go to the next step.
    Java Setup, Additional Software
  8. The installation will now start.
    Java Setup, progress
  9. Once the installation has finished click Close to exit the installer. You will now have java installed for Google Chrome.
    Java Setup, complete