HOW TO: Change the Power Saver Settings on an Android Tablet

Description: This guide shows how to edit what changes when the Power Saver function is activated and how to change the battery level in which Power Saver is activated.

  1. Touch the All Apps Key.
  2. Touch Settings.
  3. Touch Power Saver on the left pane.
  4. The menu shown below lists the options for Power Saver.
  5. Touching Enable Low Battery Saver Settings will turn Off Power Saver.
  6. Touching Low Battery Level will open up a menu where the level to activate Power Saver mode can be changed.

  7. The options below Low Battery Saver Settings are what happens when Power Saver is activated.
  8. The first four options, shown in the picture below, can be changed to not automatically turn off during Power Saver mode by touching on each.
  9. The Brightness option is how illuminated the screen will be during Power Saver mode and can be changed by touching Brightness.

  10. Sleep determines how long until the laptop will go to sleep during Power Saver mode and can be changed by touching on Sleep.

  11. System Performance will change how the tablet runs, power saving mode, balanced mode or performance mode, and can be changed by touching System Performance.

  12. When finished touch the Home button to return to the Home pages. When the battery level reaches the level selected in step 6 Power Saver mode will be enabled and the changes made in steps 7-11 will be activated.