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How to format your WinBook DVR's (D60/D70/D04 series) hard drive

Description: A quick guide on how to format your WinBook DVR's hard drive.

  1. Right click on anywhere in the screen to open the drop down menu, then click on Main Menu.

  2. Once on the login screen click on the password field to enter the password.

  3. Enter the default password 123456 (or the one you set) then press OK to view the Main Menu.

  4. Click on Maintain when on the Main Menu.

  5. Click on HDD Manage.

  6. Select the drive then click Format. In this case we will use drive 1. (Do not select All it will not let you format).

  7. Click OK to the warning box.

  8. Then click OK to restart the DVR.

For more assistance contact Technical Support here.