How to download and install ESET Cyber Security for Mac OS

Description: This article will show you how to download and install ESET's Cyber Security Anti Virus for the Mac OS.

  1. From the desktop click on the Safari icon.
    Mac OS Desktop, Safari Icon
  2. Go to Click on the Download button.
    Safari Browser, ESET Download Page
  3. From the download page we want to locate ESET Cyber Security and click on I have already purchased.
    Safari Browser, ESET Download Page Options
  4. Choose your language selection. Click on Download.
    ESET Downloads Page, Download Choice
  5. You may receive a warning message that the file has been downloaded from the internet. Click Open to continue. You may receive an additional warning. Click Continue to continue here as well.
    Mac OS Alert, Open
    Mac OS Alert, Continue
  6. The installer program will now run. Click Continue to begin.
    ESET Cyber Security Installer
  7. Agree to the license agreement.
    ESET License Agreement, Agree
  8. Click Continue at the version check window.
    ESET Cyber Security Version Check
  9. Select the desired Installation Mode. Select Typical unless you wish to wish to install to a folder other than the default. Or if you do not wish to install all program components. Click Continue.
    ESET Cyber Security, Installation Mode
  10. Select whether to opt into the Live Grid Early Warning System. If selected this will take infection information found in your computer and adds it to the ESET database to improve the product. Click Continue.
    ESET Cyber Security, Live Grid Setup
  11. Select to Enable detection of potentially unwanted applications. Click Continue.
    ESET Cyber Security, Detect Unwanted Programs
  12. This next screen will inform you how much space the program will take up once installed. Click Install to continue.
    ESET Cyber Security, Confirm Install
  13. The install will begin.
    ESET Cyber Security, Installing
    ESET Cyber Security, Installation Successful
  14. Next we will be taken to the product activation screen. Here you will provide the activation key from the software packaging.
    ESET Cyber Security, Activation
  15. Alternately this is where you would activate a trial license if you have not purchased a full version.