How to create Keyboard Shortcuts on iDevices

Description: This article is a guide on how to make keyboard shortcuts on iPads and iPods.

  1. Start out by tapping Settings.
    iOS Desktop, Settings App
  2. From the General screen, tap on Keyboard.
    iOS Settings, General, Keyboard
  3. Once there, tap on Add New Shortcut. Notice that by default, OMW! has already been created.
    iOS Keyboard Settings, New Shortcut
  4. It will take you to the screen where you can create your shortcuts. They will have to have at least 2 characters, and then tap Save.
    iOS Keyboard Settings, New Shortcut
  5. Once saved, you will be taken back to the main Keyboard screen, from there you will see your newly created shortcut.
    iOS Keyboard Settings, New Shortcut
  6. The shortcuts can be used in SMS, iMessage, e-mail, Notes, etc. When you type the shortcut, it will appear on the top or bottom of the area the cursor is on, simply tap the spacebar to insert it in your message.
    Shortcut Example