How to use Remote Commands in ESET Mobile

Description: One feature of ESET mobile is Remote Commands. This can be used to issue commands to your phone from a trusted friend's phone.

  1. Open the ESET Mobile application.
  2. Tap on Anti-Theft.
    ESET Mobile Security, Anti-Theft
  3. Tap on SMS Commands.
    ESET Anti-Theft, SMS Commands
  4. This will list the various SMS commands you can use.
    ESET Anti-Theft, SMS Commands Settings
  5. To use one of the commands simply send a text message using a trusted contact's phone to your phone with one of the following commands:
    eset wipe password
    eset lock password
    eset find password
    eset remote reset
  6. The command must be typed in the exact format or the command will not work.