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INFO: Changes from ESET 5 to ESET 6

Description: This is an overview of the new features and changes in ESET 6 from previous versions.

  1. ESET 6 has a number of changes from ESET 5, one of the first things the user will notice is the new interface, shown below:
  2. The new interface has a more updated and clean look to it. The Computer scan menu is very simple and makes keeping your computer clean and safe much easier.
  3. Each scan type has a description under it explaining what the scan will do. The Smart Scan will be the most commonly used scan option which will scan the computer for any viruses or threats.
  4. Minimizing the ESET window will not leave you blind to what ESET is doing; there is an icon at the bottom which will show the progress of the scan status. As shown above, the scan at this point is about half way completed.
  5. The Setup Tab shows the current status of what is being protected and the user can easily change the settings by simply clicking on the desired field and changing it from disabled to enabled and vise versa.
  6. The Tools tab has a number of handy tools and applications that allow the user to easily view what has been found by the scans in the Log files. Schedule a scan. Show statistics and other tools like that.
  7. ESET Smart Security 6 also has an Anti-Theft feature which can help you find a computer if it has been misplaced or stolen! This is a brand new feature in ESET Smart Security 6.
  8. Once this has been enabled on the computer, it will allow you to track your missing computer, watch for foreign activity and help keep your computer safer! This will show you where the computer is at all times when you log into the web interface for ESET's Anti-Theft!