INFO: What is AMD Turbo CORE Technology?

Description: This technical article gives an overview of AMD Turbo CORE Technology. With the release of the six-core Phenom II X6 (Thuban) and the FX (Bulldozer) processors came its automated overclocking system, Turbo Core.

When you are using applications on your computer, most of the time one or two cores will do the work while the other ones just stay dormant. When three or more of the cores in the CPU are not being used the CPU will automatically slow down the clock speed of the cores to around 500 mhz. This will not only save power on your computer but it will allow you to put the power where it is needed.

When you do start using a program that requires a lot of CPU power, it will select certain cores of your CPU then overclock them automatically. This depends on the number of threads and the temperature state of the CPU. The clock frequency will adjust to better handle what tasks you are asking it to do.