INFO: What is AMD PowerNow!™ Technology? (Cool'n'Quiet™ Technology)?

Description: What is AMD PowerNow!™ Technology? (Cool'n'Quiet™ Technology).

 AMD PowerNow!™ Technology is an advanced, second-generation power-management feature that reduces the overall power consumed by the processor through control of voltage and frequency. This power-saving technology is designed to be dynamic and flexible by enabling instant, on-the-fly, and independent control of both the voltage and frequency.

Along with the finest granularity of control in the industry, AMD PowerNow!™ technology supports different modes of operation.

  • In High-Performance mode, the processor runs at the maximum rated voltage and speed providing the maximum performance possible.
  • Changing to Power-Saver mode configures the processor to run at the lowest voltage and frequency supported for the most efficient power profile.
  • In Automatic mode, the speed and voltage are dynamically and automatically determined by actual performance demands of the application. In Automatic mode, the needs of the application environment dictate the amount of performance required and power used. This mode of operation ensures that only the required amount of power is dissipated to meet the performance demands of the application.