IMPORTANT: How to install an AMD CPU into a AMD motherboard

Description: This article will show detailed steps and pictures on how to install a CPU into the motherboard.

  1. Have your CPU and Motherboard ready to install.

    Make sure that there is no dust or foreign object in the CPU bay - you can use a can of compressed air to carefully clean out the CPU bay.
  2. Notice the arrow in the bottom left corner of the CPU::

  3. Notice the arrow on the motherboard’s CPU socket:

  4. Place the CPU into the CPU socket so that the arrows line up – observe that the pins evenly drop down into the holes of the CPU socket. Carefully pull down the bar to lock the CPU in place. Do not force the CPU in place if it is not aligning properly - if CPU pins get bent or broken, your computer will not work properly.

  5. Once the bar is in place and under the clip, you have secured your CPU into the CPU socket and are now ready to apply thermal paste and your heatsink.
    *Do NOT power up the system board without first putting your heatsink in place or it will damage your components.

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