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IMPORTANT: How to install an Intel CPU into an Intel motherboard

Description: Detailed steps and pictures on how to install a CPU into the motherboard.

  1. Have your CPU and Motherboard ready to install the CPU into.

    Make sure that there is no dust in the CPU socket, you can use a can of compressed air to carefully clean out the CPU socket - it is important to be very careful not to bend any of the hundreds of pins in the socket.

  2. Notice the arrow in the upper left corner.

  3. Notice the arrow on the CPU socket.

  4. Place the CPU into the CPU socket so the arrows line up.

  5. Close the CPU retaining cover, making sure the front clip is secured below the screw head.

  6. Move the locking arm down to secure the font clip under the screw head, the locking arm will go under the extended piece of metal to hold it down.

  7. Your CPU is now installed into the socket and is ready for you to apply the appropriate heatsink compound, and fan heatsink assembly. It is important to NOT power up the system until you have proper cooling for the CPU in place.