INFO: What is Intel Quick Sync 2.0?

Description: Intel processors have a number of features built into them that allow for significant performance increase. One such feature is the Intel Quick Sync 2.0. Quick Sync uses dedicated media processing to make video editing and viewing faster. It also allows for an increase in performance with media all around, like gaming, HD video streaming, and rendering.

Intel Quick Sync 2.0's main function is for quicker video rendering when creating HD videos. It allows for faster conversion and building of the video into a working, viewable state much faster than previous processors. Going from even the second generation i-series processors, the Quick Sync 2.0 and the third generation i-series processors are twice as fast in this function.

As Intel said "Instead of you waiting for your video, your video is waiting for you."

How does this work?
When creating a video, the video is in a specific format, usually more than one if a larger video from multiple sources is being created. Quick Sync 2.0 allows for faster conversion between formats to create your video faster and smoother than before! With the Quick Sync 2.0 technology, the processor has more room for doing multiple tasks at once, while allowing your video to stream, or render, at the same pace, even while doing other tasks like browsing the web or installing applications and updates. This gives a much smoother and overall better performance with the computer.