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INFO: What is Hyper Threading?

Description: You may have noticed than when you buy an Intel processor that it mentioned it was a dual core or a quad core processor. Then you go into Device Manager and saw 4 or 8 processors listed there you wondered why. That is because of Intel's Hyper Threading Technology. This article will explain what Hyper Threading is and how it benefits you.

Hyper Threading is Intel's design that allows for each physical processor core to have a virtual core attached to it to allow for better performance with multi-tasking and rendering. What this means is, with Intel's Hyper Threading, a dual core i3 processor works like a quad core processor. Here is an example:

As shown here, this processor is a dual core processor for a laptop. However, this shows that there are four cores in the computer. This means the processor is Hyper Threaded, the dual core runs like a quad core processor.

For Intel, there are two types of cores, physical, and logical. The physical core refers to the core that actually takes up space in the processor. As shown below:

This is an example of an Intel i7 processor. As shown above, there are four physical cores that can be seen. Each physical core shown has one logical core attached to it that cannot be seen from this view. To see the logical cores, open the device manager and expand the processors list to see the number or cores the processor has. This will benefit the user by increasing performance when doing pretty much anything on the computer, so by buying an Intel i-series processor with Hyper Threading, you can save money and still get great performance!