INFO: What is HyperTransport?

Description: This technical article will describe what HyperTransport is and how it works.

  1. The AMD© HyperTransport technology is designed for processors to connect directly to peripheral devices. This allows information from the processor to go directly to a peripheral item without going through the memory on the computer or other areas on the motherboard. This works with peripherals connected by USB, Firewire, video ports, audio ports, and the PCI expansion slots on the motherboard.

  2. This allows the computer to send data to a peripheral at significantly faster speed then previous methods. This allows printing to be faster as well as syncing the computer with an MP3, tablets, and phones. It reduces the delay for web camera allowing for smoother viewing, and removing the delay or reducing the interruption for microphones.

  3. HyperTransport Technology helps reduce the number of buses in a system, which can reduce system bottlenecks and enable today's faster microprocessors to use system memory more efficiently in high-end multiprocessor systems.

  4. HyperTransport technology was invented by and is exclusively used by AMD©.