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EXTRAS: Android 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Description: Answers to commonly asked questions about Android 4.

Q. What is a Google Account?

A. A Google Account is the account used to setup the Android device. This account is a Gmail based account that ties your device to your email, Google+, Chrome, YouTube, and other Google based applications and products. By having a Google Account setup on the Android device, you are able to keep everything synced to your account which can then be accessed elsewhere via that account.

Q. How do I view all installed applications?

A. On the home screen of Android device, you will have an icon that resembles a circle with squares in it. Touch this and you will then be shown all applications installed. Note: Some versions of Android will have a different icon for this feature, though for version 4 the app icon will always have a group of squares within the circle.

Q. What is Play Store?

A. Formerly known as Android Market, this is where you can download items for your Android device - many are free, many others for a fee. The Play Store currently offers Applications, Music, Books, Magazines, Movies, and Television shows. The Play Store is also where you can update already installed applications by going to My Apps and Update.

Q. How do I download an App from the Play Store?

A. Touch to open the Play Store, from here you can navigate through categories or use the search option in the top right hand corner. Select the application you would want to download and then touch on the Install icon next to the app’s name. The application will download and install to your device.

Q. How do I use the Internet?

A. All Android devices will come with a pre-installed Browser that is available right out of the box. Some devices will also come with Google Chrome preinstalled. These can be used to go online as you would on a computer. The Play Store also offers multiple alternative browser options that are available for download.

For more assistance contact Technical Support here.