HOW TO: Download an App from the App Store using iOS 6

Description: This technical article will show how to download an App from the App Store using iOS 6.

  1. The first step is to make sure your Apple device is connected to iTunes. If needed here is a guide to do that: How to connect an iPad to an iTunes account.
  2. Next tap on the App Store icon.
    iOS App Store Icon
  3. The App Store is where you can find over 270,000 apps and counting that work with iOS 6. The icons at the top of the screen can help you navigate through different categories. The search bar at the top right is the best way to search for an app that you know the name of. Touching on any of the icons at the bottom allow you to switch between the currently Featured Apps, the Top of various Charts, Apple's Genius which will help you find Apps tailored to you, your previous purchases and finally any updates to your currently installed apps.
    iOS App Store
  4. To install an App, first touch on the Apps icon. You will then get a pop up featuring that app. It will say Install if the app is currently free. It will say the price if there is a fee to buy the app. Touch Install or the price to install the app.
    iOS App Store Chosen App to Install
  5. The app's icon will now show up on your home screen. It may take a few minutes to download and install depending on the size of the app.
    iOS App Loading
  6. Once the blue progress bar is finished the app is downloaded and able to be used.
    iOS New App Installed