INFO: What's new in Office 2013?

Description: Shows new features of Microsoft Office 2013.

  1. Office 2013 has undergone some drastic new changes featuring a clean new interface, and is more accessible that any previous version of Office.
  2. The first thing you will notice in Office 2013 is the new modern interface. It still has the ribbon on the top with all of the toolbars just like Office 2007 and Office 2010.
  3. In the top right corner you will notice that you can sign in using a Microsoft account allowing you to access your Office documents from any Windows computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  4. Another way Office is more accessible is the added feature of saving your documents to Microsoft's cloud storage SkyDrive, allowing you to easily share documents and access them from anywhere.
  5. Making a new document has been made even easier with the expanded templates in Office 2013.
  6. Saving and opening files has been streamlined as well. Your most used folders will show up when saving and opening documents and you can even pin specific folders to the list.
  7. Sharing your document for collaboration has been simplified. Office 2013 allows you to invite people to view your document, email your document, present your document using Office Presentation Service, or Publish the document as a blog post.
  8. These are just a few general new features across the Office 2013 suite. Each individual Office program also has their own new features.