How to download and install Microsoft Direct X

Description: This article will show you where and how to download the newest version of Microsoft's Direct X software.

  1. Click on the Internet Explorer icon to open the internet.
    Browser Shortcut
  2. When the browser opens go to
    Internet Browser
  3. In the search bar on the right type is Direct X. Press enter to start the search.
    Internet Browser Search
  4. At the search results page select the first choice Download Direct X updates.
    Internet Search Results
  5. Click on Download.
    Direct X Download
  6. Click Run on the pop up.
    Run Direct X Download
  7. Accept the agreement and click Next.
    Accept License Agreement
  8. Uncheck Install the Bing Bar if not wanted and click Next to continue.
    Uncheck unwanted option
  9. Next you will see the following screen.
    Installation in process
    The software is now analyzing the file versions of Direct X that are currently installed on your system. Comparing them to the most current Direct X files.
  10. Next you will see the system download the newer Direct X components.
    Installation in process
  11. The next step will see the newer components being installed onto your system.
    Installation in process
  12. Finally, once completed click on Finish.
    Finish button to complete
  13. You now have the most current version of Direct X installed on your system.