How to organize Apps in Windows 8 Modern User Interface

Description: This tutorial will show you how to organize your apps into groups and how to name them so you can find your apps easier.

  1. Go to the modern user interface by either pressing the Start button on the keyboard, or pushing the mouse cursor into the bottom left corner of the screen and click.
    Windows 8 Start Screen
  2. Click and drag apps to the right side and Windows will put them into individual groups. Organize the apps in the desired configuration.
    Windows 8 Start Screen Icons
  3. Hold the control (ctrl) key down on the keyboard and scroll down on the mouse wheel to zoom out and view all the apps.
    Windows 8 Start Screen Icons, Group
  4. Right-click on the desired group and click Name Group, and type in the name for the group.
    Windows 8 Start Screen Icons, Group
  5. Then click Name.
    Name Icon Group
  6. This can be done to organize all the apps on the computer and help with finding the programs and apps faster.