How to set up a W268R and W368R Tenda Router as a Repeater

Description: This guide shows you how to set up a W268R and W368R Tenda router as a repeater. These instructions require that you already have a working Tenda router. If you don't have your Tenda router configured, consult the Tenda documentation on setup. For the purpose of these instructions, the router that is hooked up to the modem will be identified as Router 1, and the second router will be identified as Router 2 which will be set up as the repeater. Before starting, you need to have a wired connection to both routers using a computer and any available yellow port.

  1. Plug in the Tenda router to the computer via an Ethernet cord.
  2. In the address bar type in and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Then click on the Advanced Settings hyperlink.
    Tenda Advanced Settings
  3. Click the Wireless Settings tab and then the radio button labeled Network Bridge(WDS). Type in the repeaters name next to SSID.
    Tenda Wireless Settings
  4. Click on the Open Scan button and select which wireless network you will be extending. Then choose OK.
    Tenda Network Scan
  5. On the next window that comes up click OK.
    OK to save changes