How to run Unhide

Description: Do you have files that seem to have disappeared, perhaps due to a software glitch or a virus infection? Run the Unhide tool to attempt to get access to those files back. Unhide.exe is a utility program that will reverse changes made to your computer caused by the FakeHDD family of rogue anti-spyware programs. Additional information can be found on the download page link below.

  1. First download the unhide.exe file onto the problem PC - it can be downloaded from a reputable site such as
  2. Download and save the file to a location where you can easily find it so that you have it for later use if needed.
  3. Once downloaded, double click on the file to run it.
  4. You will receive a message about UAC (User Account Control) - click OK on this popup and then the Unhide program will launch in a command prompt screen.
    Command Prompt Windows running Unhide
  5. Allow the program to run its course, it may take anywhere from five to twenty minutes, once finished you will be presented with a screen as shown below.
    Command Prompt Windows running Unhide, Confirmation Message Box
  6. If files are still missing, restart the computer and run unhide once more.

In this and similar situations, it is important for the end user to understand that they are obtaining utility programs such as this one from known reputable sources. If you are unsure of the source being reputable, it can be possible for rogue programs to present themselves as solutions when, in fact, they are actually "problems in disguise" that will make things worse instead of better.