How to configure SSID Broadcast on a Tenda W368R or W268R Router

Description: Another option that can increase security of the router is having it not broadcast the wireless SSID name. This reduces the chance of it being stumbled upon by an unintended user.

  1. Click Start, type Internet Explorer and press Enter.
    Browser in Windows Start Menu
  2. In the address bar type (The default IP address for Tenda Routers) and press Enter.
    Browser Address Bar
  3. Click Advanced Settings .
    Tenda Advanced Settings
  4. Click Wireless Settings.
    Tenda Wireless Settings
  5. To Disable choose Disable next to Broadcast(SSID) then click OK.
    Tenda SSID Settings
  6. To Enable choose Enable next to Broadcast SSID then click OK.
    Tenda SSID Settings