How to do an OS Reset in Windows 8

Description: This article will show you how to do a system reset in Windows 8. A system reset will remove everything and restore your operating system to the out of box state.

  1. On the Modern User Interface navigate to the lower right hand corner to activate the hotspot to open the side menu.
    Windows 8 Desktop, HotSpot
  2. When the menu open click on the Settings icon.
    Windows 8 Charms, Settings
  3. When the Settings menu appears click on More PC settings
    Windows 8 Settings, More PC Settings
  4. On the PC settings screen click on General
    PC Settings, General
  5. Under Reset your PC and start over click on Get Started
    PC Settings, General, Reset
  6. The PC will reset and when it comes back up Windows will be completely reset to a condition like when it was brand new out of the box.