How to use HP Recovery Manager to restore Factory Configuration

  1. Make sure that your computer is plugged in to an outlet with your AC adapter.
  2. Turn Computer ON
  3. Tap F11 repeatedly until it says "Windows is loading files". The HP Recovery Manager screen should appear.
    Welcome to HP Recovery Manager. Use this tool to get your computer back and running if it ever stops working as unusual.

  4. Select System Recovery. Restore your computer to its original factory condition:

  5. This process will reinstall the original factory image on the system partition but will not perform other hard drive changes.
    All user-created files and programs installed after purchase will be lost.
    (This means EVERYTHING; Your computer will look exactly like it did when you first took it out of the box.)

  6. Select Recover without backing up your files
  7. Click Next

  8. Welcome to HP Recovery Manager.
    Use this program to recover your computer to its original factory condition.
    Please detach all external devices before you continue.
    1. Click Next.

    2. Factory image restore (Please wait...)

      At this point your computer is re-installing the Windows operating system and all of HP's customizations. It is very important that this process is not interrupted, DO NOT UNPLUG THE COMPUTER.

      Once the partition has been formatted, Windows and HP files have been copied to the drive, and the applications installed, HP Recovery Manager will report: Recovery is complete.

    1. After the computer restarts, and you have finished the initial setup of your computer, you must perform some additional important steps.
      1. Update security files from Microsoft and HP.
      2. Reinstall software that did not come with computer
      3. Restore any personal data you may have backed-up (if applicable).
      4. Click finish to restart your computer now.

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